Mawusi Bush Lodge

about us

Your Hosts

 Cathy and Rodney moved to the little town of Hoedspruit in January 2015, having spent their entire lives in the big cities.
The area around Hoedspruit is known as the Wildlife Haven of South Africa and tourism is one of the main industries in the region. Being enthusiastic nature lovers this made the area a prime choice for them both.

Between them Cathy and Rodney have, through their extensive travels, gathered a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding wildlife, birds, conservation and biodiversity which they love sharing with their guests. Their understanding of the bush and the hospitality skills gained has equipped them to ensure that your stay at the Lodge is a highlight of your trip and will be a very memorable one. Whether you are an overnight traveler or choose to spend a few days to explore the area, Cathy and Rod look forward to welcoming you as their special guest, and to ensure that you experience the Lodge as your home away from home.


Our History

Our journey began in 2013 when we fell in love with a beautiful property on the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate. Unfortunately the terms of sale of this property put it out of our reach. However through, what we can only describe as a divine intervention, the terms were suddenly drastically amended and we immediately acquired the property on which our Lodge is now built.

We opened the doors of our lodge in November 2015 and traded under the name “The Bushbabies”. Unfortunately another Lodge opened in 2017 and, we believe, unlawfully began to trade with a name which was so similar to our trading name as to cause extreme confusion and an enormous negative impact on our goodwill.
All reasoning fell on deaf ears and we were forced to either re-brand our lodge or to litigate.
Although our case was sound, we chose to rather re-brand and the tedious task of finding a new name began. After numerous days of searching we were directed to the name”Mawusi” which we happened to stumbled across.

Mawusi is an African name meaning “In the Hands of God”. It is also the name that was given to one of the beautiful leopards that visit the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate. In the Zulu language Mawusi means “The Moon”.
Our logo is designed around these three phenomena.
The laurel leaves on either side of the logo represent the Hands of God with Mawusi Bush Lodge nestled between them, whilst the spherical design depicts the shape of the moon. The leopard profile acknowledges the beautiful Mawusi.
We are excited about our new name and with effect from 31 May 2019 we will commence trading as Mawusi Bush Lodge